About Us


Star Steel Door is a Turkish door manufacturing company.

Formet Steel Door, which is the biggest manufacturer and seller in Turkey, has almost twenty years experience in Steel door sector, completed its corporational structure and focused on customer satisfaction principle. We realize the production activites in the well integrated factory of totally 55.000 m² that 32.000 m² is closed area, taking place at the Kayseri Industrial Zone. The production capacity of Formet is more than 240.000 pcs per year and Formet products meet with the clients at 300 showrooms all over Turkey and more than 30 oversea countries. Formet’s licenced and elegant products developed by leading our own R&D department, produced by experienced engineers, technicians and specialists, distributed to all over the word.

Our production process is carried out under the ISO:9001 quality assurance. Also we protect your property with fire exit door resisting 240 minutes, certified by international labaratory. On the other hand Formet has many international quality and security certificates from accredited international institutions such as IFT, CE, PFB, WK3, Intertek. Formet delivers high quality products to Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Middle East by increasing export performance and getting a world wide brand.

We wish succes in your business, happiness at your home with FORMET...

Star Çelik Kapı was established as the Trade arm of Formet Steel Security Doors.





What is the target

Since 2002, Star Steel Door has been transformed into a modern facility of steel door production. With its 100 experienced staff and high quality standards, Star Çelik Kapı has developed the necessary mechanical and electronic components for security and has become the carrier of the sector. We find it very important to engage in close co-operation with technical certification bodies for international directives, laws, standards and regulation


How are we doing

STAR ÇELİK KAPI ürettiği her kapıda güvenliğe en üst düzeyde önem vermektedir. STAR ÇELİK KAPI tüm projelerinde %100 müşteri memnuniyetini en temel amaç olarak görmektedir. STAR ÇELİK KAPI, Balkanlar’dan Avrupa’ya, Ortadoğu’ dan Afrika’ya uzanan ihracat ve bayilik ağını daha da genişletmeyi hedeflemektedir. STAR ÇELİK KAPI, uluslararası kalite standartlarında ürünlerinde en ileri teknolojiyi kullanmayı ilke edinmiştir. STAR ÇELİK KAPI, zengin renk ve model çeşitleri ile her geçen gün ürün yelpazesini genişleterek çizgisini ileri taşımaktadır.



Steek Door, that we produce do not contain any content that could be harmful to humans, animals and plants.


Steel Door, Today, saving to heating and cooling energy has become a necessity. Our steel doors prevent heat loss and conductivity by special insulation materials used in the body.


Our steel doors are extremely eff ective for preventing sound intake to inside as well as preventing sound transfer to outside and they provide excellent sound insulation up to 21 dB of sound.


Our steel doors have insulation certifi cate for tough climate conditions as a result of the paints and materials used on the outer surface. They maintain long life properties of our door against external factors such as extreme heat, extreme cold, humidity, wind etc. as well as avoiding the entrance of these negativities to our apartment or to our flat


4Our products are manufactured in accordance with the security level created against the entry of malicious people to the apartment. Our doors are certifi ed with CLASS 4 Certifi cate according to the rating criteria where CLASS 1 represents the lowest security level and CLASS 5 represents the highest security level which refers to bank vaults and safe doors.