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Steel Doors,The steel doors that we produce do not contain any content that could be harmful to humans, animals and plants
Steel Doors,Today, saving to heating and cooling energy has become a necessity. Our steel doors prevent heat loss and conductivity by special insulation materials used in the body
Steel Doors,Our steel doors are extremely eff ective for preventing sound intake to inside as well as preventing sound transfer to outside and they provide excellent sound insulation up to 21 dB of sound.
Steel Doors,Our products are manufactured in accordance with the security level created against the entry of malicious people to the apartment. Our doors are certifi ed with CLASS 4 Certifi cate according to the rating criteria where CLASS 1 represents the lowest security level and CLASS 5 represents the highest security level which refers to bank vaults and safe doors.

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Industrial Doors

Our industrial doors are manufactured in accordance with European standards. We have CE certificate. Many of our products support as factory entrance doors, car park entrance doors, shopping mall doors. We put our doors on sale in many fairs abroad. BUDMA 2019 POZNAN | POLAND International Building, Building Materials and Architecture Fair, BIG 5 SHOW SAUDI JEDDAH / SAUDI ARABIA International Building and Construction Show, MOSKOVA - 25. MOSBUILD MOSCOW/ RUSSIA International Exhibition of Building and Finishing Materials, IRAQ BUILD BAGHDAD | IRAQ International Building, Construction Materials and Infrastructure Exhibition, KOREA BUILD (COEX) SEOUL / S. KOREA International Building and Construction Materials Exhibition, THE BIG 5 CONSTRUCT EGYPT CAIRO | EGYPT International Building and Construction Materials Exhibition, BIG 5 CONSTRUCT NIGERIA LAGOS / NIGERIA International Construction and Construction Materials Exhibition, DUBAI 4th WINDOWS, DOORS & FACADES / GULF GLASS DUBAI / USS.A.E 4th International Windows,Doors& Facades / Gulf Glases Fair, 10th ADDISBUILD ADDIS ABABA | ETHIOPIA International Construction, Steel, Construction Materials&Infrastructure Exhibition, 3rd BIG 5 CONSTRUCT KENYA NAIROBI / KENYA International Construction and Construction Materials Show, 40th DUBAI THE BIG 5 SHOW DUBAI / U.A.E International Building & Construction Show.

08 Temmuz 2019

Electric Door

Steel Doors ,We have many doors at the construction sites of large construction companies. We support many projects such as shopping mall gates, stadium gates, office gates. Our products in technical rooms electrical technical room doors in accordance with the desired conditions are installed in all areas of our products demanded by our customers. We expect all of your projects and details from you.

08 Temmuz 2019

Apartment Doors

Our apartment building doors, which are being produced as entrance doors of our company, attract great attention from our customers. Our doors are shipped to our customers for long time use with luxurious accessories on being glazed and wrought iron. Our products are suitable for automatic opening and waiting for you with different models.

03 Temmuz 2019